Performance Development Courses Getting the best from your people

Whether it's one on one or a group of 12 people, our approach is the same. We work with your company to identify the training needs and requirements, make suggestions of what development is required and what outcomes can be expected and then we design and deliver either one off courses or programmes, that in the past have covered a 3 year period.


Examples of some of the 40+ courses available:

Recruitment Essentials

All of the elements of the recruitment process from sales, taking a qualified requirement, sourcing and qualifying candidates to controlling the process through to success.

  • A 1 or 2 day course for either staff new to recruitment, experienced recruiters who need a refresher or a structured process to follow, or managers wanting to establish processes for their staff/company.



Whether it be introduction level for staff new to sales or senior level sales with a more psychological approach incorporating sales strategies, it's important to remember that every single person that represents the company is 'selling'.

  • A 1 or 2 day course at three levels, that delegates can practice the theory in a safe environment or experience 'live' calls to real customers incorporated into the day, with a competitive element attached.
    • Introduction to Sales
    • Sales for the experienced sales person
    • Strategic sales for senior management


Client Meetings with NLP

Spending time away from the business has to be worthwhile, so make sure you get the most from every meeting with a strategy and a structure. Enhance the rapport building by utilising NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

  • A 1 day course for senior level sales executives with responsibility for sales in the field. Ideal for those that are experienced, but lack structure or those new to face to face sales and closing business on the day.


Perms Workshop

This workshop focuses heavily on building a successful pipeline as a perm consultant. All too easily a great month or quarter can turn into a zero month, due to lack of analysis and planning. A must for all perm consultants.

  • An essential 1 day course for anyone running a perm desk. Learn how to create your own fast-paced business with consistent pipeline, the ability to analyse your activities and create a monitoring process with detailed planning for the quarter ahead.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Everyone in the company is responsible for customer perception - whether it be customer service from the administrative team or sales strategies incorporating CRM, service review meetings and service level agreements.

  • A 1 day course that looks at the instigation of the customer relationship and works through, step by step, the opportunities for great customer service and a long term professional relationship that can be beneficial and profitable for all.


Time Management & Organisation

In 25 years of working in the recruitment industry, the recruitment consultant role is still 9 jobs rolled into one - no wonder time management is still a top issue for most organisations. Learn strategies to get more out of each and every day.

  • A ½ or 1 day course for anyone at any level. Being organised and getting your tasks done at the time they are required, not only makes for a more profitable business, but also a great sense of achievementů every day.


Quarterly Business Planning

Business planning is a key element to the sales strategy, but relevant to all members of staff, not just sales. Planning ahead, setting targets and goals, conducting market and business analysis to achieve a consistent business - all crucial to today's consultants and managers.

  • A 1 day course for all levels of staff who want to understand the elements of a great business plan and how to put one together either for a whole business or an individual sector or desk are covered in this day.


Leadership for Billing Managers

The balancing act - how to keep billing when you're now responsible for others. A critical skill to master, so as to keep everyone happy - including yourself.

  • A 1 day course for those that are managing staff and also billing. Angela herself was in this position for 2 years as she was building her team of staff (with 0% turnover) and increasing revenue by 2,200%. She'll share some valuable lessons that she learnt along the way.


Performance Management

Making sure that everyone is working to their full potential is not easy, so this course helps members of staff achieve what they want and what you need them to.

  • Either a 1 day stand-alone course or a 4 day programme of detailed courses spread over a 1 year period with quarterly project work in between. All management staff should have a detailed plan and understanding of how they are going to get the best out of their staff as well as knowing what to do when people aren't performing.